ECAL Beijing Connection

ECAL / Beijing Connection


Beijing Connexion is a web platform hosting projects realized during a one week journey in Beijing with 15 students from ECAL Media & Interaction Design Bachelor.

Our objectives were to work around the topic of quantified self, data logging and also on a reflection about regular picture and movie that people usually records during their own journey. To realize precisely those projects we had to perform 24 hours per day to get our datas and visual materials.

We kindly thank the "Summer University" program of the Canton of Vaud who made this possible and also all the people who welcomed us at Tsinghua University, CAFA University and the Beijing Maker Space.

Selfie of the group

Project leaders
Alain Bellet
Vincent Jacquier
Assisted by Pauline Saglio
Anne-Sophie Bazard
Caroline Buttet
Maxime Castelli
Romain Cazier
Guillaume Cerdeira
Victor Férier
Bastien Girschig
Martin Hertig
Nicolas Nahornyj
Heike Otten
Pierre-Xavier Puissant
Hugo Simon
Mirko Stanchieri
Sebastian Vargas
Tom Zambaz
Pascal Marmier — CEO at Swissnex China
Zhang Ga — Professor at Tsinghua University
Fei Jun — Professor at Cafa University
Justin Wang — Beijing Maker Space
Yipei Shen — For guiding us at Tsinghua University
Lisa Ma — For her advices and connections
Yi Hsu — For her kind help and for beeing our one day guide
Hongchao Wang — For his advices and translations
Matthieu Minguet — For his help on the videos
Romain Cazier
Sebastian Vargas
Euclid Flex